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Executive Summary


This documentation is still a Work In Progress. Some topics have been discussed in greater depth, while others require additional clarification. Sections of this documentation might later be reorganized in order to achieve a better flow.

If you are interested in learning about the basics of Zero-knowledge, EVM, and other fundamental concepts behind MXC zkEVM, check out MXC Twitter.

Welcome to MXC zkEVM Supernode V2

MXC SupernodeV2 is a fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent Type 1 ZK-EVM ZK-Rollup built on Arbitrum using Taiko ZK.

MXC is a Web3 project aimed at being the Ethereum of IoT. Our team is composed of experienced developers and blockchain experts who have a deep understanding of the Web3 industry.

The MXC token is built on Arbitrum now as an IoT scaling solution, which offers more IoT usabilities like parking and garbage collection telemetry for Korea and New York government. The token is designed to be the next Ethereum of IoT to support sensor token offering and NFT issuance for real-world goods.


Use the Wannsee testnet

All the instructions can be found under guides.

Block explorer: Wannsee explorer

And there is a quick link for the bridge: Wannsee bridge/faucet

Contribute to MXC

MXC is a fully open source and community driven project, check out our Discord to get started as a contributor!

Join the Discord

We're vibing out on Discord, come join the community!